What You Need To Consider Before Choosing A Good Criminal Solicitor


Selecting the right criminal solicitor will make a big difference on whether you will be facing jail term or set free if you are arrested for a criminal offense or you are charged with one and will be facing a criminal court.  It does not matter whether these proceedings will take place in a magistrate’s court or a crown court.  Before choosing a criminal solicitor Sydney, here are five points you need to take into account.

The best firms are not always the big ones.  A few big criminal firms sometimes use the policy of “pile ’em high, do ’em cheap”.  They often make their money from bulk guilty pleas.  The legal aid now works under the fixed fee basis.  If a criminal lawyer is able to persuade someone to plead guilty before the court proceedings, he or she will therefore have less work to do before the bill goes in. The not guilty pleas which require a full trial preparations are not seen as cost effective by these unscrupulous firms.  Therefore most of their lawyer are always required to plead off cases faster.

The experience of the criminal lawyer who is dealing with your case is what matters the most and not the experience of the firm which he or she comes from. Many solicitors’ websites often list many success stories achieved by their firms.  Your lawyer are not likely to have any linked knowledge if he or she was not involved in achieving these successes.  You have to ensure the solicitor you chose is able to handle your case right from the start until the case comes to an end. For more information, you may also check http://www.encyclopedia.com/topic/Lawyer.aspx.

Ensure the solicitor at this company you choose will fight for you.  You are arrested and then charged with a criminal offense by the authorities.  The authority will not apologize or drop the charges all of a sudden.  The solicitor should be constantly on their throat regarding the allegations, crown witnesses or disclosure if any. It is vain to have someone in the chambers if they will not rock the boat to fight your case.

Find someone that has previous success in disclosure issues.  Since the crown prosecution service only need to disclose what they think they should, the court rules are biased towards them. They clearly want you convicted, therefore whether or not their approach is fair is questionable.  A lawyer with knowledge on disclosure arguments is able to know when the truth or the wholes story is not presented. Know more here!

Private payment.  A lawyer highly likely to complete the necessary work need to prove your innocence if you pay them privately. However what most criminal lawyers do not tell their clients is that the extra legal aid funding is always available for things such as interviewing and tracing witnesses. But many lawyers do not tell clients that legal aid funding is available for tasks like interviewing and tracing witnesses. However, solicitors do not mention that legal aid funding is available for tasks like interviewing and tracing witnesses.


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